professionally transporting customers wherever they need to be.

Service Overview

ST&HC offers a variety of bespoke private transport services, which cater to every imaginable transport need. Our professional team will ensure that your journey is fast, efficient, comfortable and hassle free, ensuring that you are where you need to be when you need to be there. We have been operational for more than nine years and thing that our proven track record of satisfied customers speaks for itself.

We offer a plethora of different services, including: punctual airport transfers, point a to point b transfers, after reception/concert transfers where you can go and enjoy your night safe in the knowledge that a professional chauffeur is booked to collect you and local school transfers, which safely transport your precious little ones where they need to be. Limoway is proud of the services that it offers and seeks to achieve perfection in everything that it does.

Key features


Reliable and Punctual: At ST&HC we understand that everyone hates waiting and we take great pride in our fast, efficient and punctual service that always arrives on time.

Door to door services: Our professional drivers will collect you from wherever you’re staying and then drop you back there at the end of the tour, making it convenient and safe

24 hours a day, phone access: All of our services are available 24/7, including our office, ensuring that you can always get in touch by phone.

Price competitive: Limoway offers a reliable and competitively priced service, which combines quality and value for money to create the perfect package.

Safety and secure: We believes that the safety and security of its customers is of paramount importance. Our insurance fully covers all of your belongings when you travel with us giving you complete peace of mind, and we also take your privacy very seriously.

Work for your satisfaction: At ST&HC, we are passionate about what we do and take great pride in ensuring that our customers are always completely satisfied. We have over 9 years of proven results and are confident that you will be delighted by what we do.


Regist your personal account: We allows you to register your personal account, putting you in full control of exactly what you spend.

Vary payment optionsWe offers a variety of different payment options, be they online or in vehicle, making it as convenient as possible to use our service.

No Hidden Costs: When we gives you a quote, it sticks to it, ensuring that you know exactly how much it will cost before you book.

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